Call for Edgware Road Participants.

Call for Edgware Road Participants.

Amazing opportunity at the Serpentine Gallery for 5 students… (see Edgware Road page on the site)

This is a fantastic opportunity that the school (and sixth form team) have agreed that 5 students can participate in…Are you interested in developing a career in the arts, and do you also have a passion for research, collecting information and presenting it.

The serpentine gallery, Ultra-Red and St Marylebone school are putting together a large scale exhibition in December. We have many of the pieces for the show completed, but there are a few areas of research that need to be further developed and presented into art pieces. Plus a live event weekend in which we need want students to present their ideas to the public.

Please look at the website to see work completed so far…

and the bigger picture…

There will be a catalogue presented as part of the show and preparatory work will go into it. This will be an incredible experience for those that are involved. (it will be fantastic for UCAS, art college applications and personal well as portfolio work – which could easily be developed from this)

The two week and two day schedule begins on the 2nd July and I would need to confirm names ASAP.Please can you let me know if you are available to join the event. The Exhibition will open in December so we would hope that you could also join the live events and VIP nights in December too.

Further details on the Edgware Road Project page and opportunity details page

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