The ARTiculation Prize

The ARTiculation Prize is an annual event designed to promote the appreciation and discussion of art. The competition seeks to engage students, with art and to develop the confidence and ability to express their opinions, thoughts and conclusions. Each student is invited to deliver a ten minute presentation to an interested audience about a work of art, artefact or architecture of their choice. Adjudicators are asked to assess each presentation as a whole, looking at content, structure and delivery.

We are going to have our internal St.Marylebone heat in December. The winner will present us at the regional heat at the Whitechapel Gallery in January. In 2015 the Prize is being held at nine regional venues during January and February. A student will be selected from each heat to speak at the finals, which is part of the ARTiculation Conference, at the University of Cambridge. This conference is open to all sixth form students and is designed to encourage debate and engagement with the arts.

Last year our student Anna won the third prize at the finals. You can watch her inspiring speech here:

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