The value of copying artists’ work

Today we discussed the value of copying paintings, and whilst it’s important to acknowledge that responding to artists is key, critical analysing their work and putting it in your own context is vital; as a painter you learn so much from painting copies, new styles, new techniques, different languages of mark-making- you begin to develop your own style…

You must still respond, critically analyse but for me, copy too….

These are year 10 critical study copies to learn about technique, colour, mood and composition, they the write about their experiences of layering, hues, balances and techniques


Year 9 Performing and Visual Arts Festival.

For the next couple of days the Year 9 abandon their core subjects (note not ‘academic’) to participate in the Arts Festival based on the theme of Feminism. Students will rotate through Dance, Drama, Music and Art to explore the themes in the different methods and practical applications. They will be using screen printing and textiles in Art to make banners, and look at the work of artist Tracy Emin, recreating her bed with a gigantic feminist duvet….

Preparations are underway and we are looking forward to seeing the creativity of the year group in action.

More images to follow.

2015 Creative Show

We are very proud of the efforts and achievements of the students in this year’s exhibition. These students have shown themselves to be intelligent, independent, thoughtful, thorough, playful and mature. Their artwork is fabulous and managed alongside their other A’levels, well done all…

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