Oliver is coming….

The set is going up this week, with the art team including the students who have been busily painting the last few weeks. We haven’t even got the stage lighting on yet and it feels victorian..

PV ChromaFields

We enjoyed welcoming friends and family of our alumni Finn Dove to open his exhibition at the gallery at Blandford Street. We will soon attach the essay written by an Articulation winner now studying at Oxford.


Oliver – The musical

Students from Year 7 to Year 13 are busily preparing props and set decoration for this year’s whole school musical Oliver. Large paintings and signage is being produced en masse but a team of talented young artists.

New York 2015

Sixth form students have recently returned from the exciting bi-annual trip to New York. Their books are alive with gallery sheets from Guggenheim, MOMA, Met, Sketchbook museum and many other galleries and visits to studios. It was an incredible experience for all.

You might just be able to spot a Brooklyn ice cream being demolished.

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