The end of term….

….is finally here, everyone is tired after all those long days making and creating. We are very proud of the students achievements. These are some real highlights…

Here you’ll find an amazing Year 9 painting, and some GCSE and A’Level work, these paintings are the result of weeks of research, planning and playing with ideas. The students books are as exciting as each and everyone of their final project pieces..

Now we wish you a feasts of festivity and fun…


Sixth Form Textiles

We are so lucky to have specialists in Textiles, you can see from the amazing 6F work that the students have been truly inspired… Students experiment with photographic screen printing processes to make wall paper and hangings, constructed textiles though knitting and weaving, appliqué, wax, touching, dyeing, and creating their own fabrics ready to be made into fashion or household items. The key though, is the process of making the beautiful fabrics.

Some beautiful Year 8 research

Impressive research and great responses to the artists work. Students are encouraged to start thinking critically about the artists that they research, commenting on their work and responding to it visually.


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