Expert Subject Advisory Group

The art department contribute to the work of the ESAG. As a long established department and team, we have plenty to say about how policy for Arts education might develop. The meetings have been at the William Morris Gallery in Walthamstow , a beautiful venue for creative inspiration.


Videos of books

The art department are experimenting with ways to record ways of developing curriculum and assessment, wanting to avoid endless reams of paper, we are starting to play with animations of books, with all levels of skill to show how projects can meet individual needs… We’ll make some voice overs to discuss the work in the books and how we came to assess them.




We are now following the blogs of other art departments that we have contacts with, is our first one.


Examination pieces

Students have had eight full weeks to start from scratch, using their knowledge and experience of process to work through a project to creating a final piece. The students have come up with an idea, researched, resourced, found artists, visited galleries, experimented with different materials, tried painting, printing, drawing, and then resolved these to create ideas for final work. Their final work has been completed in ten supervised hours. There are two more days of exams next week, but here are some already completed…

Alice Kettle visit @CAAGallery


The Textiles department were delighted to welcome Alice Kettle to the studios. The students have been using Alice’s work for many years to look at drawing with stitch. Alice talked about her work, and the process that she goes through to make her pieces. We all listened to her thoughts on being intuitive, and not really knowing what a piece will look like when she creates it, the pieces are usually large and working on small pieces in the sewing machine, means that you cannot get a sense of it until its finished. Alice told us that she has to work very differently when she makes commissions as they have to be designed in advance. It was good for the students to hear that not worrying about the final piece, is an exciting way to work.

Thank you to the Contemporary Applied Arts Gallery for supporting this.

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