Exhibition of Re-Assembly in Barcelona

Living in-between is proposed as a plan designed to activate the Fabra i Coats Contemporary Art Centre as a creator and catalyst for interaction between artistic practices and social spaces. It aims to offer the means to collate and respond to emerging new approaches to how cultural institutions should be reconceived and reinvented, viewing artistic practices and collective processes as essential tools to activate strategies of change that influence both the cultural ecosystem and the social context. This proposal is based on collectively occupying a space while reflecting the shift from its past as a factory to its current role as an art centre that is also on the way to becoming a cultural institution with a more complex or systemic structure. The programme is aimed at critical questioning using approaches that combine investigation with production, archiving, mediation, participation and debate, as well as expanding on this by activating networks and socialising contents and experiences.

It also aims to try out different ways of occupying cultural facilities with structures that are more highly committed to the culture-society relationship, consequently experimenting and openly debating the structure of current models for art centres and the cultural policies that provide their framework.

The rolling out of the programme proposed explores a concept of Fabra i Coats Contemporary Art Centre which is directed towards collectively prototyping a work model that redefines the parameters determining the concept of public service in relation to an art centre.


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