Art have been using Pinterest to collate some really interesting artists to use for your own research and develop ideas.. you can find it here.


A new Cow…Thank you Conran Shop

The art department are so pleased with the donation of a rather fabulous Wooden Cow dresser that we can store things in… we were donated this gift and had rather a lot of laughs transporting it to it’s new home ….

The Art department in Barcelona

The work from the Serpentine and St Marylebone Edgware Road Project – Re-Assembly is currently on exhibition at Fabra i Coats Gallery in Barcelona. It is part of a large exhibition themed on art as social practice. We went to see the exhibition this weekend. Here are a few photos of the show and a few Gaudi visits whilst we were there!


Year 8 Independent Project

This year, our Year 8 students took part in an independent project, the theme was Marks and Textures. The students had to research their idea, find artists, develop some new work, create thumbnail plans and make an outcome. All these tasks were completed in class and at home, with class time handed over to the students to manage themselves. They could choose what tasks they completed at home, and what they would do in lessons.

They we learning about self management and organisation as well as the process in making art work. We are very proud of their outcomes… This was one I especially was impressed by…

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