Alumni Student of the Month

Alumni Student of the Month: Tamara – Tamara studied Art and Textiles A Levels at St Marylebone and went on to complete her BA in Fashion at Kingston University.  She specialised in Womenswear and Textiles Knitwear and she now works for Burberry as a stylist.  She has also set up her own fashion label and below are some pictures of her recent catwalk collection.  If you want to see more of Tamara’s work, go to: 

Y12 Hanging Installations

Year 12 students created two hanging installations, as a sculptural starting point for their Metamorphosis project.  They wanted to explore the transformation of organic matter through seasonal decay and used a selection of plants including ivy, thistles, buddleia and fig leaves.  Sheep skulls and a few feathers were also woven into the delicate structures.

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