Anchoress – The new zine #worldcreativityandinnovationday

One of the art teachers is a collector of old discarded books and magazines, and the development of the zine came from finding a way to use all the wonderful adverts in the donated Oxfam books. This, with a cohort of art students that were excellent creative writers too, saw the beginning of the sixth form zine. 

The students involved in making their zine, use their drawings and paintings from their current project, mostly on paper and then digitise it. The layering and presentation of visual imagery is all completed digitally. Then the process in repeated for further issues, using the format again and again. The cutting and layering of imagery is an important part of the process. They are developing more sophisticated collaging and layering with their secondary resources. Images from photocopies of books cut and drawn into, old manuscripts and sheet music to draw into and magazine images to cut out are used with the text that has been created by the students. Our sixth form students create the artwork, and all of the content, including the poetry, writing and collected material collages. 

The zine will be available for sixth form soon…. #worldcreativityandinnovationday

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