Introducing the DT Department

So now that we have fully introduced the project to you, It’s time to introduce the teaching staff in the department.

Meet Mrs Barden our Head of Department in Design & Technology!

Mrs Barden specialises in the areas of Graphics, Resistant Materials & Product Design but has experience in all areas of design! Also a qualified Architect, and has seen how sustainability and design have progressed over recent years.

Mrs Barden has a great passion for growing and using design creatively to promote sustainable living. Here is a photo of her tending to her food waste bin!

Meet Mrs Griffifths, our trainee teacher in the department. Ms Griffiths has a background in Set Design with 20+ years experience working for famous set company, Jago Designs.

Ms Griffiths is teaching all rotations within the D&T department here at St Marylebone School.

Ms Griffiths enjoys looking after her houseplants that decorate the conservatory and balcony of her London home.

This is Ms Spieler. Ms Spieler is our Textiles, and Food & Nutrition Teacher at St Marylebone, she has great love for home grown and home cooked with a passion to grow plants of all varieties.

Together with Ms Barden, Ms Spieler leads our current project ‘Growing Green’.

Above are some photographs of Ms Spieler’s home cooked pasta with fresh basil


Now that we have met all of the D&T teaching Staff, its times time to meet the Technicians working behind the scenes.

This is Simon Tao, Mr Tao is our Resistant Materials Technician, He spends time preparing and cutting materials using the large table saws and drills.

Mr Tao’s roll in this Project has been to build some of the window baskets we have been using to begin the growing process within the school.

We try to stay as sustainable a possible as a department so Simon has been using a mixture of scrap and recycled wood to build these planters.

Time to meet ME! My name is Miss Dorman and I am the second Technician in the St Marylebone D&T Department. I am based mostly in the Food and Textiles area but you will often see me floating around the department carrying out my tasks. I will be the person in charge of posting the information and keeping you informed on our progress.

My background is Textiles Design but since leaving university I have focused my brand on the development of sustainable products by using waste materials. My favourite waste to use within my designs are plastic products. I tend to use mostly, disposable straws, bottles, containers and carrier bags. To make the work shown behind me, I cut up and transformed plastic bottles and washing liquid containers.

For next weeks post I will be focusing on my favourite flower and some nutritional benefits of its seeds! Plus I’ll be sharing with you a little update on some of the departments growing progress!

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