Things you can use as planters: Upcycling!

This week I would like to discuss different objects that people commonly and uncommonly use as planters. Technically, anything can be used as a planter which has some kind of depth to it- enough to hold some soil, and depending on the type of plant you are growing the size can be smaller than you might expect!

Here at St Marylebone, we have been using recycled plastic containers, mainly from our school lunches. So today I am going to give you a few ideas for what recycled waste items you can begin your growing in.
Things you can use as planters:
Hanging basket ideas:
large milk cartons and soap/detergent containers
Large 5-7L plastic water bottles cut tops off
Multiple tins any size – you can collect large tins from places like restaurants and cafes
Glass jars any size- again, you could ask at your local food places for these waste items
plastic cylindrical  soup containers

Window ledge planting:
Large 2-7L Plastic bottles – cut centre out length ways so laying flat
ice-cream tubs or take away Tupperware containers
cardboard juice cartons lay on their sides
General pot inspiration:
Glass jars in an assortment of sizes- looks great stacked
cardboard egg boxes for smaller or starter growing like cress, chives or baby succulents

Less common/Novelty planter ideas

Ornamental novelty planting ideas (Alice mum toys, boots. natural woven bags, lightbulbs, bicycle, Colanders. Colanders are not only useful for draining: they are great used as alternative hanging flower pots. n Tea pots. Muffin tins. An old sink. Buckets. Bathtubs with legs. Watering cans. Toilet. Old bin. Chest of drawers. Chair. Teapots. Tea cups. Light bulbs. Corks. Pots and pans woks. Tyres. Dolls heads, trucks & other toys. Wearables: jeans wellies bra boots bags. Mannequins. Egg cup. Fabric shoe rack. Drainpipe

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