DT students have been busy working on their projects!

After half term Key Stage 3 students will be moving into new areas of Design and Technology(DT). We are taking this opportunity to share some of the wonderful work created so far which they will be bringing home shortly. 

To support the creativity and learning of all our students we rely on a voluntary contribution each year towards the materials and ingredients throughout their time in DT. 

At the beginning of the year we ask for a single voluntary contribution of £8.00 at KS3 and £12.00 at KS4. This allows us to have resources ready for students to maximise their experience in this practical subject. 

Thank you for your support!

here are some great examples of student work

Year 7 DT Product –  Electronic Money Boxes

Year 7 DT Graphics –  Pop Up Invitations
Year 8 DT Product –  CADCAM Polymer Photo Frames
Year 8 DT Textiles –  Soft Toys
Year 9 DT Textiles –  Sashiko Purse
Year 9 DT Product –  CADCAM Trinket Boxes, Birdfeeders and Insect Houses

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