Exciting ways to transform upcycled containers into planters – add character to your space

Fun activity ideas:

I have created Mood boards for inspirational projects that you can create using waste items.

I hope you enjoy!

Some fun craft activity ideas:

Shredded old t-shirt weaving around pot or container-

You will need an old cotton lycra t-shirt (s), a pair of fabric scissors, an old pot or upcycled container and a hot glue gun and glue sticks.

  1. Cut your T-shirt(s) into long strips lengthways.
  2. Squeeze a glue dot on the bottom centre of the plant pot or container
  3. Stick one edge of a t-shirt strip to the glue dot while hot, allow a few seconds to dry, before beginning to wrap the strip around the pot. once you get to the end of your strip, glue it tightly onto the container where it ended and begin in the same position with a new cut strip of T-shirt by adding a glue dot.
  4. You can also weave the opposite way around the container from top to bottom, weaving in and out of the strips lengthways. This works best visually, when the strips are two different colours.

Painting onto planter or upcycled container-
Find a planter of some kind, this can be a real pot or an old upcycled plastic or glass container big enough to start a plant off in.

  1. Start by cutting recycled object to transform original shape. if this is a bottle, cut either the bottom or top off- use some of the visuals above for inspiration.
  2. Then choose a base coat of paint. the paint has to be fairly thick so I would go for a household paint or an acrylic.
  3. Leave to dry
  4. Use a smaller brush or even your fingers to paint the decorations on top
  5. If you’re going to transform this into a hanging basket, drill or poke two holes on either side and string it up with durable string.

Send us some photos of your progress!

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