Amazing creative opportunities…

There are two fantastic opportunities here for you to submit work you have already made, or make something specific to enter, The Westminster competition asks you to respond to one of a few themes/ issues, the RA competition is an open call. Details attached here, good luck and just follow the attached instructions, please do email your art teacher and let them know you have applied!

Lockdown Extra-curricular Textiles creations…

Some of you will already know Francis Conteh, our creative mentor, from the exciting workshops she has been leading. For lockdown, Francis has created a great idea for using textiles with recycled plastic.

Please do send in photos of your creations to the school art department.

Virtual Gallery Tours

Here are some links to some of the opportunities to see some virtual art gallery exhibitions. Nearly all galleries have opened their virtual doors, and this is by no means an exhaustive list, but a starting point for you.,-21.86,106.74,0,0);





There are so many Artistic and Creative opportunities…

and here are just a few:

The RA are setting daily doodle tasks, today’s is draw a lion…


National Portrait Gallery are also asking artists to do a self portrait and upload on to their twitter #hockneydrawings –

The letter yesterday has so many interesting sketchbook links and having the opportunity to draw is important…

Here’s another that I found on the internet…


Using a Sketchbook…

Dear fantastic art students

We have found a number of rather interesting sketchbooks online, which might inspire you to explore different approaches to drawing. They are really worth looking at (once you’ve opened one, scroll/click through to see the pages) and I hope you feel inspired!

Exciting hand drawings –

Dynamic colour pencil portraits –

Super cool inky and mixed media works –

Tonal, more ‘realistic’ portraits –

Chunky felt-tip drawing –

Ruler-line geometric compositions –

A series of paintings that were developed from sketches of the artist’s home environment –

A beautiful sketchbook including drawings with overlapping lines and a cubist sense of shifting facets as people change position –

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