Oliver is coming….

The set is going up this week, with the art team including the students who have been busily painting the last few weeks. We haven’t even got the stage lighting on yet and it feels victorian..

Oliver – The musical

Students from Year 7 to Year 13 are busily preparing props and set decoration for this year’s whole school musical Oliver. Large paintings and signage is being produced en masse but a team of talented young artists.

Alice in Wonderland

and a wonderland it really was, with a more challenging production with multi sites – a walk through piece in which there are several Alices and quite a few different sets to make.. Our resident designer went to work creating many large calico tents in which the audience could feel at one with the performers, an intimate space based on the fun of a bell tent…. Nancy Spero and Graham Sutherland the influence in the painting….

A fabulous production…

Alice in Wonderland

This year’s whole-school play has provided the Art Department with a unique creative challenge and a great number of students are relishing the chance to be involved. The play is in promenade and will take place in four English rooms as well as the theatre. Each of the classroom-based scenes will take place in a made-to-measure calico tent, adorned with hand-painted imagery and fragments of text from the actors’ script. Dozens of students who do not usually attend Art clubs have joined this club and they are doing an excellent job, responding very well to the need for high quality work – produced under great time constraints.






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