Lockdown Extra-curricular Textiles creations…

Some of you will already know Francis Conteh, our creative mentor, from the exciting workshops she has been leading. For lockdown, Francis has created a great idea for using textiles with recycled plastic.

Please do send in photos of your creations to the school art department.

Screen Printing Workshop

St Marylebone Art department hosted a screen printing workshop as part of our network meetings for art teachers in the borough. It was good to make art together!

Just in case you are at a loose end (excuse the Textiles pun!)



Stitch a Tree to show support for refugees.

This project aims to connect communities and individuals across the UK to show support for displaced people around the world. Participants are invited to stitch a tree which will later be arranged into a large embroidery called Forest by artist Alice Kettle. Forest will be displayed at the Whitworth, Manchester, in September 2018 and in progress at City Space Gallery, Winchester Discovery Centre, from 15th October to 26th November 2017.

Textiles artists

You often look at the work of Alice Kettle for inspiration and now, look no further than outside the gates… Literally opposite in Circus you will find an exhibition of Kettle’s work for you to see first hand….

It’s a marketing company so you might need to make an appointment but what an opportunity!

Sixth Form Textiles

We are so lucky to have specialists in Textiles, you can see from the amazing 6F work that the students have been truly inspired… Students experiment with photographic screen printing processes to make wall paper and hangings, constructed textiles though knitting and weaving, appliqué, wax, touching, dyeing, and creating their own fabrics ready to be made into fashion or household items. The key though, is the process of making the beautiful fabrics.

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