Y10 Online portfolios

Year 10 students have moved away from making their art books on paper and have now been making all their research pages and photography responses online instead. We are particularly excited about this shift, as the art department definitely used a lot of paper, and this in turn had both an environmental and financial impact. We are going to continue this way of working, saving paper for drawing, painting, printing and sculpting, but not printing out research on paper and sticking it on more paper…. cutting and sticking is allowed if we are making collages though! We have reduced our carbon footprint!

Here are some examples of their wonderful portfolios…

Y10 Lockdown Artwork

I am really impressed with Y10’s motivation to make art at home, Many are sending images of their research, painting and drawing. These are some highlights of the work I am receiving online. There are some prints that I took photos of before the shutdown….

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