Changing Lives Project

Marylebone is full of history, dating back over 900 years. The changing lives project aims to share the history of this little corner of London, from the medieval rural village, to regency playground for the rich & famous, to today. 

St Marylebone Parish Church has played a huge role in this area, in fact it is where Marylebone gets its name! Marylebone is named after our medieval church dedicated to The Blessed Virgin Mary & the nearby Tyburn River which became known as Mary-on-the-Bourn. The church is about to begin a journey of rebuilding, and part of this includes a new roof.  As part of the investment, changing lives is dedicated to engaging the community with local history! From documenting our monuments, visiting archives, to planning an annual festival.

St Marylebone School is very much involved in project with many different subject areas supporting the project. The art department is making a visual contribution, Y10 and Y12 students are painting the famous and historically important individuals that have a connection with the church, as well as exploring the building itself.

Here we will upload image throughout the project,

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