A fantastic APP for your phones if you are an artist…

A friend of the department has shared with us this APP that shows the exhibitions currently on in London, how far away from you the gallery is, and what the nearest shows are…

A very useful APP if you are researching artists and want to broaden your horizons…

IMG_6172 IMG_6173

Congratulations to our GCSE students today.

Well done to our hardworking students, we know how much dedication and commitment you give to your work. These results are your reward.

76% of you Fine Artists got A or A *  and 98% of you got a C or above…

88% of you Textiles artists achieved A*-C

and many of you achieved this with difficult times and other subjects to balance.

You make us proud!

Things to see over the summer







More things to do over the summer…

Have you thought about buying an old book from a charity shop and using the pages as a surface to your art work. You could even use the words to inspire the images that you choose to draw or paint.

This example is from one of the teachers… just to give you an idea!

Over the Summer – start a gallery book

When parents ask me about things they can do with with their creative children, I always suggest a gallery book. Keeping a record and responding to all the exhibitions is excellent as it becomes such a valuable resource for the future and also starts a thinking process which questions what is seen.

Go to lots of exhibitions

collect images or postcards of your favourite pieces

Present them in your gallery book and write why you liked them

Respond to the artworks in some way.