Science and Art Pathology workshop

Dr Lizzie Burns is both a scientist and artist, and alongside Dr Lorna Williamson talked to our Year 8 students about Pathology as a career, mixing science and art, using drawing in research and looking at microbiology.

Year 8’s made a large collaborative art piece in response to cells, bacteria and viruses. It was good to have Year 8’s see how art mixes with Science in the real world, the artist spoke about anatomical drawing and how drawing both healthy and unhealthy organs is important for the sharing of knowledge.

British Council statement on EU referendum

A spokesperson on behalf of the British Council, said: “As the UK’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities, the British Council has been working with our European neighbours for over eighty years and we will continue to do so. We have always believed in the strength of engaging with multilateral institutions and we will find ways to continue to work in partnership with other European countries and with EU institutions to create opportunities, build connections and engender trust.”

Year 9 Arts Festival

This years annual Arts festival is themed on the 225th birthday of the school, with stories of school days past, numbers and the making of a huge birthday cake….


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